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VA Homes for Military Families


PCS is a military acronym for Permanent Change of Station, which means the military member moves from one station to another station. The number one concern my clients say they have with PCS is not being familiar with their new area. They often ask, "What school is best?; Where are the best areas to live? Where are the family friendly communities? What's the crime rate in the community? More than 75% of active duty personnel live off base. And El Paso-Fort Bliss has one of, if not now, the largest installations in the Army. Additionally, many E-4s and below don't know that they too may qualify for a VA mortgage in this market. El Paso happens to have one of the best cost of living cities in Texas. I counsel my military clients to connect with an experienced realtor at least 3 months before they have to report to their new duty. Why, because they only have 30 days to find a home at their new duty station.

Many of my clients already know the benefits of a VA mortgage loan and still believe in the American dream of homeownership. They understand that they have the ability to purchase with no money down, no private mortgage insurance and credit score requirements that are significantly lower than what buyers will typically need for conventional financing. I find that many veterans and military families already live a very structured life style that lends itself to the home buying process.

Yet there are some members of the military that may not all understand the overall value of the well-deserved VA benefit. Many soldiers feel that their orders are only for three years and they thinks it's better to rent. But the opportunity they are foregoing can add up to thousands. With home rental rates equal to or greater than what a monthly mortgage payment would be then you are looking at a substantial cost/value decision.