RE/MAX agent Yvonne Russell


Michael Watson & Family

"My father passed away, and we needed to help Mom sell her home in El Paso, although we live out of state. The home had been well lived in for several decades, and contained both plenty of nice belongings and a shed full of old junk. It needed cleaning both inside and out. We turned to Yvonne Russell for help, and that was one of the best decisions ever made. She asked well thought out questions and listened well to the answers from all, and she took care of everything. She took the time to visit with my elderly Mom on a one to one basis, and made sure of her wishes.
I highly and enthusiastically recommend Yvonne Russell to other families who need to sell a home for an estate, or for seniors who have moved or want to move into a senior living center, because she treats the elderly with great respect and compassion, and moreover she does a terrific job at aggressively selling the property. Every home sale has its quirks, and this one had many, but don’t worry because Yvonne Russell can handle it. She knows how to get things done and how to make it happen. She has earned our respect and admiration.
Michael Watson & Family
Colorado Springs, CO
September 2014"


Xavier Gonzalex PCS Family

"We are closing on a house now. My biggest reservations in buying a new house was for someone that didn't have any experience and it was, Was I going to get ripped off, Am I going to know the inns and outs, am I going to be caught up to speed, and drinking through a firehose, basically getting all that information in the short amount of time I had. And with Yvonne Russell, She had the background and knowledge to break things down for me and repeat them over and over again until I was comfortable and being patient with me. Being that we're PCSing being that we are operating through different time zones, Being flexible, picking me up. It was a really comfortable experience and feel very fortunate that Yvonne was our realtor."


Eddie & Margarita G

"Yvonne Russell was our Buyer's agents and she was very knowledgeable, and honest about the homes we wanted to see. She will help her clients buying their first home. Even when we thought we knew everything, she made the process very easy to understand and we were very happy with our new home and the area."

- Margie- El Paso Tx

Ed & Maria Santiesteban

"I've never worked with a Exclusive Buyer's Agent or Real Estate Agent who cared so much about my purchase and my house. Yvonne Russell assisted us with finding the right home, local mortgage companies, inspectors. She handled all the negotiations, seller's concessions and closing. Just like my wife said I truly got the impression that Yvonne was treating my home like it was her own. I NEVER got the feeling that I was just another sale for her. This is definitely NOT a typical experience since we have bought a home before. I will never buy another house without the help of a Re/Max Buyer's Agent..""

- Ed S.- El Paso, Texas

Amy R

"I just wanted to update ... neighbors are great, everyone is really friendly and there is only one couple that I know of on this street that is not military. This is definitely a military community if you have any that come to you that are relocating here. The house itself, we love. We have had to call the builder on a few things but they were prompt on getting it taken care of. Still waiting on the landscaping to be taken care of, but they stated he is supposed to call this week to schedule us in.

Again, thank you so much for all that you did for us. We really do appreciate it. If we have any friends that are moving here or relocating elsewhere and need an agent, we are definitely recommending you!

Thanks again! Amy"

- Amy, Fort Bliss Texas